In order to keep our library clean and organized, we have library monitors. They shelve books during first break, and for that we thank them very much!

Research shows that students read more when they have choice, so with that in mind, we have developed a few simple rules:


  • JK- to Grade 1 may take out one book at a time and as the year progresses, students may take out a book that they can read and one that can be read to them.
  • Grades 2- 3 may take out two books at a time
  • Grades 4-8 may time take out five books at a time 


Books may be taken out for three weeks at a time. If you cannot finish a book within that timeline or are unable to return it, please talk to Ms. Eisses. If a softcover book is lost, a fee of $5.00 is charged. If a hardcover book is lost, $10.00 is required.  If the book is eventually found, you will get your money returned.