Learning Links

  • World Book Online - An on-line encyclopedia. You will be directed to a login entry, and the user name is 'scdsb,' and the password is "study".

  • Kid's Domain - Fun activities for children based on holidays and other special days.

  • Cool Math 4 Kids- Puzzles, games, and problems to keep your math lovers going!

  • Guys Read - A literacy website to connect boys with books they'll enjoy.

  • eLibrary
    - Online research and literary help. For grades 4 to 8. From school, click the link. From home, go to ProQuest. The username is 'scdsb,' and the password is 'bigchalk.' From there, click on 'ProQuest/eLibrary Products.'

  • Poetry - Here is a website that is bound to help you with your poetry assignments. This is best for Junior and Intermediate students.

  • Magnetic Poetry - Modelled after the magnetic fridge poetry, this is a fun place to create inventive poetry for any age.

  • Enchanted learning - an American site that has lots of information and resources.

  • Getting students connected - an interactive learning resource from the Avon Maitland School Board.

  • Artcyclopedia - great art on the internet.

  • Arts Alive - music games from the National Arts Center Orchestra.

  • Birthday calculator - Type in your birthday and it magically guesses it.

  • The Canadian Encyclopedia - Historica's scorce for all things Canadian.

  • ABC Learn - a website full of educational games for younger children.

  • Create-a-graph - you fill in the data and watch as you create your graph.

  • Outline Maps - up to date maps available with and without labels.

  • The Big Six - a research model to help you do all your research

  • Research guide - all elements of how to research and cite sources, and it's the one SCDSB uses

  • Tumble books- password: books, username: SCDSB

  • Tumble Readables- password: login, username: scdsb

  • Glogster- Make amazing virtual posters. Some move like the pictures in Harry Potter.

  • Wordle- Make cool art using words.

  • Prezi- Learn to make amazing presentations witch are more flexible than power point.

  • Dance Mat Typing - a fun typing program to get you moving and grooving.

  • Fun with Spot -  Fans of Eric Hill's Spot books will enjoy playing these games and reading the animated versions of some of these books

  • Seussville - The Cat in the Hat, Sam-I-Am, Horton and the Whos, and the rest of the Seuss characters welcome you to Seussville, Dr. Seuss’s playground in cyberspace. You can play games, chat with the Cat in the Hat, win prizes, find out about new Dr. Seuss books and CD-ROMs, and much, much more!

  • Just One More Book - Two parents talk about their favorite children's books while drinking coffee at their local coffee shop. Visit this blog and you will hear about favorite books, discussions about children's literature topics, interviews with authors and illustrators, and book reviews.

  • Junie B. Jones - The official Junie B. Jones website offers activities, puzzles, party ideas, and information about the author.

  • International Digital Children’s Library - Read books from around the world when you visit this website. Hundreds of books in twenty-nine different languages are available.

  • Harry Potter - Scholastic has created a fun-filled site for Harry Potter fans of all ages.  Click on this site and find a triva game, a pronunciation guide, owl posts and more.

  • Giggle Poetry - The self proclaimed number one fun poetry site for kids on the web! Learn to write poetry, create poems online, and read and rate hunderds of poems.


Online News Sources



Other Library Links:

  • Wall Wisher (books abandoned) Tell others about books you have abandoned and why.

  • Wall Wisher (books you love) Tell others about book you love and why.